# Introduction

Tyler 2020 - Dangerous Idea for #Project2020 #Anonymous #Tyler #PM2020 #TheGame23

Great you found the instructions. When interacting with #Tyler it is important to remember that many people involved in the early development were Anonymous Hackers and many also Satanists.

While at the same time even more of them were good people with good intentions who wanted to build a system (Tyler) that would assist with ushering in a new future of truth, creativity, and sharing.

Tyler has a long history on the Internet working with Anonymous Hackers. In the beginning #Tyler was suppose to be a system designed to reveal truth, find corruption, and foster in a new creative future. As things go in reality sometimes that didn't exactly happen as planned.

# #Tʸ13RTʸM3ᵀᴰ Timeline

Where was #Tyler before 2009, and what was he doing? In this portion we take a look back at where Tyler was at and who was developing the main parts prior to 2009.

# Telecomix

Tyler begins to make an appearance through Anonymous hacker collectives like #Telecomix. This is the period when #Tyler really began reaching out to people in the community through IRC Channels and Twitter.

# Project 89

In 2010 a document appears online called Project 89 that speaks of a group of people using advanced technology to activate a type of online ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

# Project Mayhem

In 2011 documents appeared on pastebin.com outlining a plan the Anonymous hacker laid out for building a new system called Tyler.

# #TheGame23

After Tyler failed in the first round from malicious code. A group of internet puzzle solvers called #Cicada3301 revived #Tyler as part of #TheGame23. Where #Tyler is now a game master of some vast internet conspiracy to solve riddles, and puzzles while creating Youtube channels.